Radical Mycology – Peter McCoy




Buy Radical Mycology – Peter McCoy The best single book on the market! (in our opinion) for anyone interested in studying Radical Mycology and also for all the fungus researchers out there.

Radical Mycology – Peter McCoy

  • A treatise into seeing and working with fungi!
  • (646) pages Chthaeus Press
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Subsequent chapters grow far beyond the limits of other books on mushrooms. Detailed information on the principles and practices of what McCoy calls “regenerative natural mushroom farming” is presented along with extensive information on cultivating mycorrhizal fungi and the science of mycoremediation (the application of fungi to mitigate pollution in our homes and environment).

Concluding the book are deeper insights into the cultural effects that fungi present, from a philosophical reflection of fungal growth in the design of human societies, to an exhaustive examination of the history of psychoactive mushrooms.


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