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A classic variety of P. Cubensis that everybody can enjoy. The Golden Teacher mushroom strain tend to be favored by beginners as many find them easy to study, while experienced individuals also utilize their classic genetics for a multitude of other research purposes.

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17 reviews for Golden Teacher Spore Syringe

  1. Don

    Amazing customer service second to none. Fast shipping and wonderful support when items went backordered after placing the order. Strongly recommend

  2. Chandler

    Day 9 into microscopy project and all is going VERY WELL. I’m very pleased I will never buy from anyone else again! “Reliable Spores” is definitely an accurate description. If you’re on the fence about ordering from this site, just go ahead and commit. You won’t be sorry.

  3. Neal

    great quality and came in less than a week… looking forward for more to study!

  4. Jacy

    Awesome spores, large sampling! Customer service was amazing and shipping was lightning fast! Thank you so much, will definitely be back for more samples for the lab!

  5. Rai

    Great quality and fast shipping! My project is doing fantastic! Will buy again from Psychedelics Online Store

  6. Aston

    Syringes arrived fast and no contaminants so far ?

  7. Franklyn

    Arrived extremely quick. When I needed customer service they responded within the hour. I will be using Psychedelics Online Store and recommending them in the future. 100% satisfaction

  8. Hollis

    For sure legit.. Im so happy to have found these guys they are far superior to my previous vendor in every way.. They have my business for sure. I am excited to see their inventory increase in the future.. It really doesnt get any better than this.. Fastest shipping quality you can see for sure.. Just filled with spores. Dont even consider anyone or anywhere else they are a pain they dont take credit cards or ship free and they make you pay in weird ways like crypto which os fine but i dont deal with that or care to.. Its so simple just click and boom its in the mail box like 3 days later with a fresh date on it.. I contacted customer service with a question and they replied instantly i wish everywhere had this kind of service.. Sold for life.. 5 stars without question

  9. Jennalyn

    First flush growing as I write this. These spores actually grow. I was apprehensive about buying spores online at first but I’m about to place my third order now, can’t wait for the new strains!

  10. Rawley

    Quick shipping during this pandemic ! Thank you also team for the gift ? Really appreciate all the effort and support. Highly recommended business !!

  11. Taylan

    Excellent customer service, quality spores and fast shipping! This is where all my future spore purchases will be made. Thank You!

  12. Piper

    Great spores and fast shipping! A present always make me Happy! Thank you guys!

  13. Kelvin

    Everything arrived super fast and intact! The spores look excellent, I’ll definitely be back!

  14. Wynne

    Best company I’ve ever dealt with. It’s called Psychedelics Online Store for a reason.

  15. Ashleigh

    After being totally ripped off from one co. and had ordering issues with another company with no finalization (I was able to cancel the 2nd payment), I am SO happy that this is a truly reliable source, no pun intended, lol. Great price and no shipping fees and they arrived quickly even though I messed up the user name on my order. They deliver! This post is strictly on the ordering process as I have yet to begin my microscopy.

  16. Keldon

    Fast shipping, first rate spores, no head games. I’m glad these folks re-homed from psychedelics store. You will be extremely pleased.

  17. Lennie

    Fast shipping and great genetics

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