Golden Monkey Extracts – THC Infused Gummies 240mg


TOTAL THC: 240mg

WARNING: Contains High Levels of THC. Keep away from children and pets.

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Golden Monkey Extracts THC Infused Gummies review 

Golden Monkey Extracts (GME) Gummies are made with an homage to our childhood. With a commitment to creating high quality gummies without sacrificing taste, each gummy is infused with pure cannabinoid extract for a consistent dosage with every piece. With eight flavours available, each package contains 240mg of quality THC, with 30mg per gummy. These tasty gummies are made with real ingredients to create a delicious and potent treat.

Golden Monkey Extracts THC Gummies comes in these amazingly potent flavours – Peach Sour Drops, Sour Watermelon, & Lemon Cola

Edible are a great way to consume THC if you do not like smoking, you will get the same feeling, but eat with discretion and follow instructions. Rule of thumb start with 10mg first, and slowly increase your dosage as you get more comfortable with THC Edibles.


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