About Blue Dream Vape Cartridge 600mg

Enjoy the benefits of hemp and CBD offered by the best natural vape extract in the industry. Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Blue Dream CRD Vape Cartridge delivers 600mg of pure hemp goodness in high quality and well-designed cartridges made to improve your vaping experience.

Why will you love Blue Dream Vape Cartridge 600mg

The wickless ceramic design ensures the concentrate is evenly heated and does not burn. This gives you the smoothest vapor possible.

Potent – The cartridge delivers 600mg of pure broad-spectrum hemp extract, which is strong enough for everyday usage and can provide relief and other hemp benefits.

Lab Tested –The hemp extract is tested from the farm to the shelf by third-party labs for compliance, quality, and safety. The lab reports are available on the website.

No Added Fillers – The 600mg Funky Farms Blue Dream CRD cartridge is all Funk, no junk. It only contains pure hemp extract with no added fillers. You get everything you pay for – which is pure natural CBD extract.

No Crystallization – Funky Farms uses CRD – Crystal Resistant Distillate, which does not crystallize in the cartridge. You don’t have to spend extra effort making the extract ready for use.

Easy To Use And Compatibility

– The K2 Herbal Spice Head shop Reserve Line Blue Dream 600mg Cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread cartridge battery in the market.


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