Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

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Is Delivery Guaranteed?

We have a 100% safe and secured delivery guarantee. We also issue a reshipment if for some reason caused by us your package did not get delivered.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

We our payment process is very discrete and safe so our clients are safe also packages are packed discretely by professionals and no signature is also required for delivery.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering you will get an email on how to make payment which after payment is made and confirmed you will receive the tracking information for your package within 1-2 hours..

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin and Zelle. We advice clients to use Bitcoin for payments as it add an extra layer of security and anonymity.

How long will delivery take?

We offer two types of delivery (Express and Flat/regular). Express delivery is next day delivery while flat takes 3-4 days for delivery.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our products to all states in the United States, UK, Canada and Part of Europe and Asia. Please if you are in Europe, do confirm with us before order.

Is it safe to order magic mushrooms and other Psychedelic products online?

YES! It’s safer to buy magic mushroom products online than it is to meet your “shroom guy”. Our products are of the highest quality and are packed in discrete odourless vacuum sealed packages. They are shipped according to shipping couriers recommended best practice and tracked all the way to your home.

Police cannot interfere with your mail because the Post Office Corporation Act stops them from getting warrants to seize mail, unless there’s a national security risk. To date, no one has been arrested or had any problems receiving shrooms in the mail.

We have shipped thousands of orders all across Canada and there’s never been a single incident involving our customers getting into trouble with the law or using our website to buy magic mushroom or micro-dosing products.